Onstage Interview with Kevin Systrom of Instagram, TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing 2011

I spoke at a number of International Conference & Events, and the topics cover Asian Web, China Internet Industry, Open Web technology, Open Concept, Widget Economy, SNS Marketing, Social Networks, Mobile Technology, etc. The following are the latest highlights.

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Interview with Pony Ma (Tencent)

Interview with Pony Ma (Tencent)

- Moderator, onstage fireside chat with Kevin Systrom of Instagram, TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing, 2011.

- Moderator and Speaker at APEC SME Summit 2011, Chengdu

- Moderator, Global Mobile Internet Conference 2011, Beijing, The Platform Battle: Marketplace vs. Operating System. Together with Rivio (Angry Birds), China Unicom, K-Touch, Microsoft Wireless,

- Speaker at SXSW Technology Summit, Austin, 17th Feb 2011, Austin, Texas

- Speaker at NetExplorateur Forum, UNESCO, Paris, Feb 2011

- Speaker at iGamingAsia Congress 2011, Capitalising on the next generation of smart/connected devices, Macau, Feb 2011

- Moderator at Social Media Week, HongKong, the Landscape of Chinese Social Media in 2010

- Moderator, Global Mobile Internet Conference 2010, Beijing, “Application Store & Platforms”. Together with Panelists Jacob Hsu, CEO, Symbio; Phil Kemp, Vice President, Services, Nokia China; Michael SONG, CEO, Sky-Mobi; Anuj Khanna, Founder & CEO, Affle; WANG Qindai, Chairman & CEO, Datuu; WU Chak Man, VP, CFO & General Manager, NetDragon (Shanghai); SHEN Bin, Vice President, Motorola (China); Gene Wuu, Vice President, Borqs

- Panelist, Tudou Video Festival 2010, Beijing, “The Difference Between Chinese and US Video Markets”

- Panelist, NetExplorateur Forum 2010, Paris, “China Web, the Next Super Power?!”

- Moderator, Paypal China X Event, “Venture Capital in China”

- Lecturer at China Telecom Beijing Planning & Designing Institute, 26nd Nov 2009

- Lecturer at China Telecom Beijing Research Institute, 4th Nov 2009

- Panel Moderator, Digital Film and Internet TV, 5th World Summit on Internet and Multimedia, Shenyang, 24th September

- Panel Moderator, SNS MarketingTencent MIND Summit (Zhuangzhou), 23rd, June 2009

- Speaker, Open Web and BeyondGoogle Developer Day, Beijing, 2009

- Panel Moderator, SNS MarketingTencent MIND Summit (Beijing), 2009

- Panelist, Asian Web InnovationUnconference Singapore 2009,

- Panelist, Mobile InteractivityDigital Entertainment Jam, Milan, Italy, 2009

- Panel Moderator, The Ubiquitous Society – Towards a Hyperconnected WorldForum NetExplorateur, Paris, 2009

- Conference Co-organizer and Panel moderator, Innovation in Asia,OpenWebAsia 08 conference, Korea, 2008

- Keynote speaker, Open Web and Open Web AsiaChina Blogger Annual Conference, China, 2008

- Panelist, The Future of Online CommunityChina Webmaster Conference, China, 2008

- Panelist, Beyond the Social NetworksChina Internet Annual Conference, China, 2008

- Panel Moderator, OpenWeb Asia ForumInternational Internet Forum, China, 2008

- Panelist, The Business Model and Tech Trend of Web2.0iResearch China Internet Annual Conference China, 2007