Dr. Gang Lu [Weibo, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter] – Founder of TechNode.com (formerly known as MOBINODE.com), the most influential Chinese tech blogger in global Internet industry, Chief Researcher at Media Lab of Hunan University (Shenzhen), Open concept/technology Evangelist, co-founder of OpenWeb.Asia Workgroup and OpenWebAsia conference.
TechNode, an independent tech blog written in both English and Chinese, is now the No.1 English tech media and one of the most influential Chinese startup-focus medias, covering the latest news in China/Asia web industry. OpenWeb.Asia is the first independent workgroup focusing on Asia Internet industry, and is also the organizer of OpenWebAsia conference which is the first truly pan-Asia web technology event bringing together executives, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from throughout Asia. With strong academic background in wireless communications, years of research and development experience in mobile industry and international business management in web industry, Gang Lu is very passionate about the Open Web concept and plays very active role in building efficient channels among Asian local markets as well as between Asia web and global industry. Gang Lu was the Asia Business Development Director of Netvibes.com, the world leading personalized homepage and widget technology provider. He is one of the first introducing Widget economy and Open Platform into Asian market. Prior to joining Netvibes, he was in charge of research and development of Multimedia Messaging Service platform and 3G applications in Dialogue Communications Ltd. a leading mobile messaging service provider in UK. Gang Lu is also the initiator of ChinaBang Awards, an annual event rewarding the best startups in Chinese local Internet industry.
As an independent industry observer, technology and social media expert, Gang Lu has been invited to deliver keynote speeches and panel discussion at diverse international events/conference ranging from TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing, APEC SME Summit, SXSW Technology Summit, Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), the China Internet Annual Summit to Tencent MIND Summit to Google China Developer Day, Milan Digital Entertainment Jam, NetExplorateur Forum, Paris etc. The topics cover the Asian Web, the China Internet Industry, Open Web technology, SNS Marketing, Social Networks, Mobile Technology and so on. Gang Lu was awarded TOP10 Best Expert of 2008 by iResearch, the leading Internet consulting company in China.
Gang Lu has MSc, PhD in wireless communications from the University of Sheffield, UK.
卢 刚 博士 - 中国最有国际影响力的科技博客,国际知名中英双语科技媒体动点科技TechNode创始人,英国谢菲尔德大学无线通信技术博士, 代表业界公信力的ChinaBang中文互联网年度创新评选发起人。[联系方式: 微博, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter]
动点科技是国际顶尖科技媒体TechCrunch中国官方合作伙伴。卢刚博士致力于中西互联网行业交流,关注和倡导本土创业创新。作为独立的互联网行业评论家在国内外业界享有很好的口碑。他主办的TechCrunch中国创新峰会已经成为国内最顶级的创业盛会,其演讲嘉宾包括Google全球执行总裁Eric Schmidt, 徐小平,包凡等顶级业界企业家。卢刚博士也曾受邀作为演讲嘉宾出席国内各种顶级行业会议和活动,包括德国CeBIT, 俄罗斯Startup Village, 以色列亚洲峰会,TechCrunch的Disrupt北京大会,美国SXSW科技峰会中国论坛,专访《连线杂志》主编Chris Anderson, 腾讯马化腾,YouTube陈士俊等。卢刚曾就职于Netvibes.com,担任其亚洲市场总监工作。他还曾经作为研发工程师,就职于英国Dialogue Comms公司,从2005年开始从事3G应用方面的研究和开发。